Dakota Ultrasonics PVX Precision Ultrasonic A-scan Thickness Gauge
Dakota Ultrasonics PVX Precision Ultrasonic A-scan Thickness Gauge
Price: $ 2,995.00 up to $ 3,145.00

Dakota Ultrasonics PVX High Precision Thin Wall Thickness gauge ideal for applications with minimum access or contact areas. Enhanced graphic scope Displays A Scan & B Scan for a cross section view

Resolution: 0.0001" (0.001 mm)


The Dakota Ultrasonics PVX is a precision measuring instrument that provides the flexibility necessary for both high resolution and penetration requirements. It's ability to use a variety of single element transducers for specific applications: Standard Delay Line (acrylic and graphite tips for metals and thin plastics), Pencil Delay Line (tough access area on thin materials), and Contact transducers (variety of applications) makes it the perfect flexibel tool for very precise and delicate measurements. The adjustable resolution settings add to the PVXs flexibilty. The selectable viewing options provide the user with additional flexibility during operation: (RF waveform, +/- Rectified waveform, and Large Digits with Scan Bar. The time based B-Scan feature displays a cross section of the test material. Displays the profile of the opposite surface of the material. The high speed scan feature speeds up the inspection process by making 32 measurements per second. Remove transducer from the test material and display the minimum measurement scanned.

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