Checkline TI-25DLXT Thru-Paint Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge with Datalogging and USB Output
Checkline TI-25DLXT Thru-Paint Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge with Datalogging and USB Output
Price: $ 1,680.00 up to $ 1,975.00
Checkline TI-25DLXT Data-Logging Thru-Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with 8 Presets, Adjustable Velocity and the ability to Calibrate to a Sample of Known Thickness
Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate, CE-Certified
5-Year Warranty, Made in USA
Datalogging:Built-in datalogging for 10,000 data values, USB Output
The Checkline TI-25DLXT Wall Thickness Gauge is a precision instrument that accurately measures wall thickness and the extent of corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics from one side. When operated in E-E Mode (Thru-Paint Mode), the coating is eliminated from the reading and the gauge will display only the thickness of the metal wall. The Checkline TI-25DLXT offers datalogging for 10,000 values with 250 readings per batch, up to 40 separate batches and USB Output. Data can be transferred into any program in CSV format or viewed in Datacomm Software (free download). The TI-25DLXT permits the operator to select from 8 preset materials as well as program 2 custom material velocities, plus allows free adjustment of the velocity and allows the end-user to calibrate to a sample of known thickness where the velocity is automatically calculated. Additionally, to optimize linearity over a wide range, the user can perform a 2 point calibration to two samples of known thickness. The optimal velocity is automatically calculated to provide the highest accuracy and linearity between the low and high calibration points. The TI-25DLXT's probe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. The gauge is impact-resistant and environmentally sealed (IP65) to provide trouble-free operation under the toughest field conditions.

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